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Inferno: Alexander McQueen Exhibition

Ollystudio is proud to present Inferno, the result of two years work in collaboration with photographer, Kent Baker. Inferno: Alexander McQueen is a collection of previously unseen, backstage photographs from Alexander McQueen’s seminal show ‘Dante’. The photographs are being displayed for the first time at the Gallery at Foyles from 20 March – 3 May 2015. The striking images are taken from Kent Baker’s new book, ‘Inferno: Alexander McQueen’, published on 30 March 2015 by Laurence King Publishing, and curated by Ollystudio.   Great article from our friends over at tikichris.  

March 27, 2015, Inferno: Alexander McQueen Exhibition

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Inferno: Alexander McQueen Book

Inferno: Alexander McQueen, designed and curated by Ollystudio is part of an overall project that has been two years in the making. This book features unique photographs, by Kent Baker, shot behind the scenes, with raw, unseen pictures of the designer, models and clothes. The fashion creatives who worked with McQueen to make the show such a success recall this pivotal time in the designer’s career and reflect on what made ‘Dante’ truly groundbreaking. The new imagery  of clothes shown on the catwalk, created by Baker and Walker, gives insight into why this collection was so special.   London 1996: Alexander McQueen took over the Hawksmoor masterpiece Christ Church in London’s East End for what was quite possibly the greatest fashion show on earth. A candle-lit, cruciform catwalk with a backdrop of stained-glass windows set the tone for an extraordinary collection. Lace sat against chiffon and rubbed shoulders with couture and club-culture clothing and digital print. Dante was the seminal collection that would resonate throughout Alexander McQueen’s career.   Brilliant article from our friends over at i-D.  

March 27, 2015, Inferno: Alexander McQueen Book

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Pop the Streets

Ollystudio once again collaborates with the Saatchi Gallery to curate Pop the Streets. The show illustrated the influence of Pop Art on the concepts and works of the artists. This exhibition’s concept perfectly connects new and original works, many of them created especially for this show, with the Pop Art movement that largely influenced the shape of the contemporary street and urban art. The artists that were chosen for this exhibition were Alaric Hammond, ALO, Ben Frost, Ben Turnbull, CEPT, Nick Walker, Orticanoodles, Paul Insect, Rene Gagnon and Sten & Lex. Each of these artists and artistic collectives are characterized by an original approach and the techniques they use, as well as the specific themes they are dealing with.  

March 27, 2015, Pop the Streets



Work is progressing at an alarming rate for this stellar show that I am curating at the amazing Urban Nation in Berlin. This show is packed full of stars and up and coming talent, lots of cool exhibits, great work and surprise for those who visit us.

March 26, 2015, CUT IT OUT

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Alaric Hammond: From Cheek to Blushing Cheek

Alaric Hammond’s new body of work From Cheek to Blushing Cheek was a powerful solo show inspired by recent conflicts, protests, and persisting influence of Empire. Hammond suggests there is an abandonment of ideology, cultural guidance and philosophy in today’s society. He presents a dystopian viewpoint exploring themes of subterfuge, decayed imperial grandeur and impotent protest within his work. Hammond’s aim is in confronting the compromise, absurdities and conflict in living and defending our way of life. Olly Walker’s long friendship with Alaric resulted in this collaboration as artist and curator for the artist’s first solo exhibition in Shoreditch.  

March 25, 2015, Alaric Hammond: From Cheek to Blushing Cheek

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Nick Walker: The Art of Nick Walker

Great to have the finished  book in our hands at the studio. A years worth of research and archiving has produced this historic book of Nick’s work. Long live print.   “The Art of Nick Walker” is a 152 page hardback retrospective with hundreds of full colour images comprising 20 years of Nick Walker’s art.   “In 1992 I began to combine stencils with my freehand work, which allowed me to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles,” said Walker. “Stencils introduce an impact element to my work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow me to take an image from anywhere – dissect any part of life – and recreate it on any surface.”   “I try to add an element of humour or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the walls. Painting is a form of escapism for me and if my work allows the spectator to do the same thing, then I’ve achieved more than I set out to do.”  

March 24, 2015, Nick Walker: The Art of Nick Walker


Hail To The Loser

Back in August this year Ollystudio arranged for Alo to have his 1st solo show at Saatchi Gallery, London. 50 portraits of the people of Shoreditch, Hackney, Hoxton and Brick Lane. See the projects page  for more info and images.

March 23, 2015, Hail To The Loser

Ben Turnbull

Ben Turnbull: American History X

Olly Walker’s relationship with the highly-collectible British artist Ben Turnbull continued with assisting in the series American History X, which features collages of heroes and villains crafted from vintage comics. These pieces question our tendency to pigeonhole public figures in the binary categories favoured by superhero stories. This scepticism extends to a set of satirical sculptures he created that show the heads of US presidents on PEZ candy dispensers. “They’re about the regurgitation of the same old political sweet talk,” said Turnbull of his work.  

March 22, 2015, Ben Turnbull: American History X

Chris Moon

Chris Moon: A Splendid Isolation

Ollystudio is proud to be associated with Chris Moon’s latest exhibition, A Splendid Isolation, which grew out of a three-month residency in California, featured a series of landscapes that managed to be both vibrant and desolate. He captured the state’s abandoned motels, forgotten towns, forlorn pools and hollow parties, Moon also painted in the occasional abstract figure, drenched with their sense of place.  

March 21, 2015, Chris Moon: A Splendid Isolation


Made Corrections

Ollystudio is excited to announce its partnership with Made Corrections, a cross – cultural, trans – media exchange between those in need and experienced practicing artists who seek to use their talents for positive change whilst raising awareness to the passion and talent for the arts that exists within the world’s prisons and youth offending facilities.   Made Corrections works globally with local arts organisations and artists to provide inspirational and inclusive arts experiences that engage and inspire young inmates to prove that art can work as rehabilitation.   Together we’re embarking on a 7 day journey to a correctional facility in Kaunas, Lithuania in order to give workshops, talks and demonstrations, as well as run structured arts courses for the young offenders.   If we change one life, then the outcome of this project will be monumental.  

December 27, 2013, Made Corrections


Adam Neate

Took a little stroll at lunch time to Elms Lester Gallery. Home of the amazing Adam Neate and his new works.

August 14, 2013, Adam Neate


Pushing the boundaries

Know hope pushing the boundaries @lazarides #gallery #lazarides #laz #knowhope #londonart #outsiders #outsiderart #urban #urbanart #streetart #painting #art #artists #grafitti #blackandwhite #lowbrow #love

August 8, 2013, Pushing the boundaries



Great music and art by @legun @thepitfetival near @broadwaymarket. Check it #legun. #london #londonart #streetart #painting #art #artists #outsiders #outsiderart #lowbrow #hackney #shoreditch

August 4, 2013, legun


Bob Dylan by Hin

Bob Dylan’s been given a workout by Hin. Available in popup gallery on broadway market. #hin #bobdylan #outsiders #bob #outsiderart #urban #usaart #urbanart #underground #shoreditch #broadwaymarket #streetart #grafitti

August 1, 2013, Bob Dylan by Hin


Studio Visit

Great studio visit to #Laz. Awesome place. Great energy, great work and very inspirational. Met the great Brett Amory too. Working on supercool new things. #brettamory #lazarides #london #art #artists #usaart #screenprint #painting #londonart #printing #outsiders #outsiderart

July 31, 2013, Studio Visit



Flowers on a Sunday. Have a lovely day. #painting #flowers #gallery #outsiders #urban #urbanart #outsiderart #nuart #newart #london #newbrowart #nycstreets #shoreditch

July 28, 2013, Flowers


Massive Attack

Massive Attack’s 3D newsprint posters on stairs at Laz gallery. #london #paste #pasteup #lowbrow #blackandwhite #urban #urbanart #outsiders #outsiderart #lazarides #newbrowart #londonart

July 23, 2013, Massive Attack

It’s a Stick Up

July 22, 2013, It’s a Stick Up

Lovely line drawn paste-up in redchurch street #shoreditch. #london #paste #painting #outsiderart #outsiders #streetart #spraypaint #nuart #newart #lowbrow #grafitti

July 22, 2013,

@strychninberlin have been busy again, looking forward to the project in London!! #strychninberlin #nycstreets #art #underground #outsiderart #urbanart #streetart #antiplastic

July 19, 2013,

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