• It’s A Stick Up (Laurence King Pub)

    This is the first book to look at an increasingly popular form of street art: the paste-up or ‘wheatie’. The book shows the work of 20 artists, with photographs of their art in situ, a brief profile, and a fold-out paste-up. The fold-out pages are perforated so they can easily be removed. With an introduction by cult street artists Sten & Lex. Devised, curated and designed by Ollystudio

  • JR (Lazarides Gallery)

    Accompanying JR’s Lazarides Rathbone exhibition this features material from the Women Are Heroes project alongside his photographs from his Face 2 Face and Portrait of a Generation initiatives. Sought-after imagery from JR’s work in Rio favela Morro da Providencia is included. JR has been described as “the Cartier-Bresson of the 21st century”.

  • The Street Art Stencil Book (Laurence King Pub)

    This is a pure celebration of the art of the stencil. It is a book of stencils that can be used and treasured or just simply be an inspiration to others to create. The 20 stencils featured, printed on perforated card stock so that they can be torn out and used, The book opens with an interview with one of the founders of stencil art, Blek Le Rat. Devised, curated and designed by Ollystudio

  • Paul Insect (Lazarides Gallery)

    A lurid blend of gothica, futurism, sex, riches, hedonism and death, his book, produced for his solo exhibition Poison, is like a hypodermic of adrenaline delivered straight through the sternum. This book embodies modern life lived to its fullest – rightly or wrongfully.

  • Guerilla Art (Laurence King Pub)

    This book and DVD package features profiles of, and interviews, with key artists on the scene including Banksy, WK Interact, Espo, Space Invader. Graffiti-inspired street art pioneers Futura 2000, Rammellzee and Blek Le Rat discuss their own work, filmed in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo, the accompanying documentary shows the artists at work.

  • Stencil Republic (Laurence King Pub)

    Is the follow up book to the The Street Art Stencil Book. The 20 artists stencils featured are laser cut on perforated card stock so that they can be cut out and used. A collector’s item in its own right, Stencil Republic is a book that can be used and treasured or can simply be an inspiration to others to create. Devised, curated and designed by Ollystudio

  • Vhils (Lazarides Gallery)

    Vhils produces some of the most impactful street art in the world. Using processes ranging from controlled TNT explosions to corrosion. acid and bleach and hammer and chisel, Vhils etches vast, poignant portraits from building exteriors. Produced for his sell out, 1st Uk show, at Lazarides Rathbone Place.

  • Mode 2 (Lazarides Gallery)

    Mode 2 blazed a trail for European graffiti in the 1980s with his crew The Chrome Angelz. Mode 2’s painting and drawings now examine subjects ranging from social causes to house parties and erotica. This eminently collectible Never Too Late features archive photography, sketches, gallery pieces and inspirational incidental imagery.

  • David Choe (Lazarides Gallery)

    Legally mad, bad for the game, and almost certainly not safe for work, David Choe is one of street art’s most controversial figures. But the “failed” comic book artist’s work is opulent, sensitive and disarming, often in contrast to its content. Lazarides Gallery published a limited run of the David Choe book from his show there. The excellent design and binding of the books made them a sell out.

  • Todd James (Lazarides Gallery)

    Todd James (a.k.a. REAS) is an internationally recognized artist who began his career as a child in the New York City subway system. This book was released to coincide with Steve Lazarides’ blockbuster group show “Outsiders” which popped up in a temporary space located at the corner of Houston and Bowery in Lower Manhattan.

  • Levis Welcome

  • Jonathan Yeo Blue Period

  • Lucy Mclauchlan

  • Art by Tattooists Beyond the Flesh

    Jo Waterhouse

  • Ben Turnbull Supermen

  • Ben Turnbull’s Nightmare on Greek Street

  • Mirranda Donovan

  • Zeus