Dubbed Caustic Windows: New Works

Ollystudio is pleased to present Caustic Windows: New Works by the UK-based mixed media artist Alaric Hammond at the Saatchi Gallery in London — 2nd September through 1st November 2015.


The exhibition showcases new works by the British contemporary artist Alaric Hammond. Each artwork has been created in studio utilising etching and corrosion processes on zinc plates which are then mounted onto wood.


“The etching and corrosion process employed results in works suspended between creation and destruction. The objects represent genuine entropy. There is beauty in decay.” – Alaric Hammond

4___32 Bottles - 25__S.O.S. - 1-Final13__Caustic_Window - 915__64 Nights (16_Dreams)

“The exhibition finds the artist experimenting with zinc plates, reliefs and acid over-treatments to create unique, almost primitivist etches. The pieces are then mounted onto wooden panels, which further underlines Hammond’s intentionally raw and organic aesthetic. The end result, the artist argues, is the representation of mundane everyday sightings – handshake deals, the sidewalk as a catwalk, mass advertisement – into the “context” of the bustling city.”  – Hypebeast



December 17, 2015