• Ollystudio: Pop-up Art Space

    The Ollystudio Pop-up Art Space has come to an end after creating a unique building and gallery space in which we hosted three amazing shows and have given artists a place to work. This has been an amazing time spent in Kingsland Road and we managed to leave a fantastic legacy here for the community (maybe on the outside there is more to come !!!), We have shown a range of global, London based and amazing printed works – whilst working with some of the best artists in the international Street and Urban art scene, we have also introduced some of the best crop on new talent in London and given them a foot on the ladder, this is something that we are proud of and will continue to try to do. I would like to thank all the artists that have come on this adventure with us and to all those amazing people who supported us at launch events and by visiting and by investing in the artists we showed. As always Ollystudio continues online and we will be working on future projects with more artists and events.  

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    Street artists Marina Zumi (globalstreetart.com/marina-zumi) and Alice Pasquini (alicepasquini.com) at Saatchi Gallery, talking from “XX : A Moment in Time exhibition”.

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    Street artists Lora Zombie (lorazombie.com) and Mimi S (mimi-scholz.com) at Saatchi Gallery, talking from “XX : A Moment in Time exhibition”.

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    Street artists Elle (ellestreetart.com) and Caratoes (caratoes.tumblr.com) at Saatchi Gallery, talking from “XX : A Moment in Time exhibition”.

  • XX: A Moment in Time (Saatchi Gallery)

    XX is an exhibition of new works by contemporary female street & graffiti artists. The show will consist of works by a selection of emerging and established artists from around the globe. This will be the first time that some of the artists will have been exhibited in the UK. The exhibition will run alongside the major exhibition of contemporary art by female artists, Champagne Life.

    The artists featured in the exhibition include Aiko (Japan/USA), Alice Pasquini (Italy), Caratoes (Belgium/Hong Kong), Crajes (Spain), Elle (USA), Faith47 (South Africa), Handiedan (Netherlands), Hera (Germany), Hueman (USA), Lora Zombie (Russia), Madamoiselle Maurice (France), Marina Zumi (Argentina), Martha Cooper (USA), Mimi S (Germany), Miss Van (France), Olek (Poland), Sandra Chevrier (Canada), Vexta (Australia) and Zabou (France).

    XX was curated by Olly Walker, Ollystudio and supported by Yasha Young.

  • Alaric Hammond – Caustic Windows (Saatchi Gallery)

    Caustic Windows showcases new works by the British contemporary artist Alaric Hammond. Each artwork has been created in the studio utilising etching and corrosion processes on zinc plates which are then mounted onto wood.. Each piece is a sculptural assemblage consisting of various finishes and textures. The colours are natural pigments developed by chemical reaction.
    The motifs within the works are often mundane everyday items – text messages, email offers, spam, discarded product packaging, snapshots and consumer products. Many items are objects that we are routinely told we should buy to become better or more sophisticated people – shoes, cigarettes, prescription drugs, lipsticks or technology.There is a strong sense of displacement in the works. The artist has spent a lot of time living and moving between one place and another; living in the margins of communities. This has led to an almost anthropological observation of how we live our lives in our cities.

  • Inferno: Alexander McQueen

    Inferno is an intimate look into the back rooms and makeshift vanity tables in Christchurch, Spitalfields circa 1996, where Alexander McQueen readied his runway models for a show-stopping catwalk through the ancient Church’s stained-glass main hall, in a feast for the eyes and senses that would change the fashion world forever. While the runway itself, candle lit and brimming with inspiration from Dante’s “The Divine Comedy,” showed off a playful sense of theatricality and irony in its juxtaposition of location and theme, what the shows’ backstage photographs give us is a real glimpse of what the models later played at: the pleasure, pain, and vice of an Alexander McQueen show.

    Curated expertly by Olly Walker and Futurecity, the photographs by Kent Baker are on display for the first time ever. Shot entirely on black and white film, they bare all the dynamism of film photography’s ability to capture a moment: blurred lines of motion, half-formed expressions, powerful contrast. The unprocessed medium, it turns out, was the best medium to show McQueen’s process.

  • POP THE STREETS (Saatchi Gallery)

    An urban and street art spectacle happening in London. The Saatchi Gallery organizes an exhibition of works by 10 contemporary graffiti and street artists from around the world. Curated by Olly Walker (Ollystudio, London), the show will illustrate the influence of Pop Art on the concepts and works of the artists. With an attractive title Pop the Streets, this exhibition’s concept perfectly connects new and original works, many of them created especially for this show, with the Pop Art movement that largely influenced the shape of the contemporary street and urban art.
    Pop the Street show has potential to change some establishment views on contemporary graffiti and street art. Famous British painter and collage artists Richard Hamilton once said that Pop Art is “popular, transient, expendable, law-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous and Big Business”. Pop the Street will show that street art adopted all these criteria, but the street art is also political and relevant, as this exhibition will demonstrate.

  • CUT IT OUT (Urban Nation- Berlin)

    Berlin based Urban Nation hosted a new exhibition entitled Cut It Out!, an international group show dedicated to the art of the stencil. Olly Walker, author of The Street Art Stencil Book and Stencil Republic along with street art photographer Henrik Haven were invited to curate the urban art show by Urban Nation director Yasha Young. Cut It Out! will bring together some of the best and emerging artists that are working with stencil techniques as part of Urban Nation’s ongoing educational and archival series about art in the urban environment.
    The Cut It Out! Group show at Urban Nation is not just about seeing the finished artworks by the artists involved; it is an opportunity to discover some of the history of stencilling while also being able to witness live work on walls, streets and cars and learning about the tools of the trade through being able to watch some of the artists in action along with exploring images, tools and materials lent to the exhibition by the artists. From the old school techniques of Jef Aerosol to the talented duo of Snik who have developed the stencil technique to new levels by spending weeks cutting up to nine intricate layers of stencils to create highly detailed pieces of art, the Cut It Out! urban art show will be inviting schools, journalists, colleges and the public to explore the journey that stencil art has made, what it has evolved into and how it may progress in the future.

  • Alaric Hammond: From Cheek to Blushing Cheek

    Alaric Hammond’s new body of work From Cheek to Blushing Cheek was a powerful solo show inspired by recent conflicts, protests, and persisting influence of Empire. Hammond suggests there is an abandonment of ideology, cultural guidance and philosophy in today’s society. He presents a dystopian viewpoint exploring themes of subterfuge, decayed imperial grandeur and impotent protest within his work. Hammond’s aim is in confronting the compromise, absurdities and conflict in living and defending our way of life. Olly Walker’s long friendship with Alaric resulted in this collaboration as artist and curator for the artist’s first solo exhibition in Shoreditch.

  • Alo show at saatchi

    Italian artist Alo has become a regular on London streets over the past two years. His abstract portraiture having become well known to followers of the street art scene and having already won him many admirers. Ollystudio has been working with Alo for 18 months now and negotiated his first solo show at Saatchi Gallery. This represents a real breakthrough moment for the quiet artist who came to Britain in order to be at the heart of the urban art scene. Titled ‘Hail to the Loser’ Ollystudio curated all aspects of the 50 works show, also organising and producing his 1st screen print edition which is exclusive to Saatchi Gallery.

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  • Made Corrections

    OllyStudio was asked to join Dean Stalham and David Ellis to help create Made Corrections to facilitate and, with his global street art knowledge, curate this unique street art experience. OllyStudio also created the name, identity, website and other forms of communications for the project. The 1st art action is a collaboration between Made Corrections and the Kaunas Correctional and Interrogation Facility, Lithuania, An opportunity for street artists to interact with the young inmates, crossing the boundaries of freedom and captivity, changing lives inside and out. 39 giant posters of inmates supplied to us by JR’s ‘Inside Out” project  – were pasted high and proud, not only on the abandoned Police station in the city of Kaunas but more significantly on the inside walls of the facility. Leading Lithuanian street artists also created works of art on the walls in the facility and mirrored these works within the city of Kaunas on selected walls. The purpose, to raise awareness that we all have a universal responsibility to young vulnerable people, irrelevant of creed, colour, nationality or culture. Everyone needs and deserves art in their lives.

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  • Bin Therre

    Inspired by the 1970s Sydney Pollack film “They Shoot Horses Don’t They”, choreographed by Michael Clark who, with McQueen, recreated the famous dance marathon theme. The film focuses on a disparate group of characters desperate to win a Depression-era dance marathon which stages a series of derbies in which exhausted contestants, must race around the dance floor track, with any collapsing couples eliminated. The image on the sleeve is the remains of a running track used for the Alexander McQueen 2004 S/S fashion show in Paris. We devised a way of laying out the 100 sleeves in a grid and then re-applying the running track to the sleeves. It worked in such a way that each sleeve has part of the running track on it, making each sleeve unique.

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  • CAT Footwear

    As part of Cat Footwear’s major ad campaign created by ollystudio, a list of artists was drawn up to add a contemporary visual youth opinion for trend leaders to associate with the new Cat product

  • Keep a Breast

    KAB developed an idea to express the female experience of breast cancer by reimagining the traditional canvas as a participatory sculpture. They developed and tested a technique for capturing the female bust in a plaster. The result was white casts taken from famous women that can then customised by artists. Working with Yasha Young, owner of Stychnin Gallery Berlin, Ollystudio produced a roster of talented European street artists for the Tokyo Love auction.

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  • A.CE

    To support the launch of the ground breaking book It’s a Stick Up, Ollystudio asked contributing artist A.CE about making a short educational video on the art of paste up. This is what happened to it>>>> mocatvupload – RJ Rushmore – Art in the Streets – MOCAtv RJ Rushmore is the editor-in-chief of Vandalog, a blog that covers street art and graffiti from around the world. Curating for #mocatvupload he selects submissions from talented paste-up artists who stick to the medium’s roots as illegal free expression despite opportunities to go aboveground. In London, A.CE takes a cameraman along for a late night trip through the East End, where his pop-inspired show posters coexist on brick walls saturated with tags and bubble letters. As Rushmore notes, legal walls and murals are fun, but these artists are risking their freedom to say exactly what they want. These videos were selected as part of a call to action from MOCAtv to graffiti and street artists and supporters around the world to upload videos showing the freshest art in public spaces. From March 25 to June 30, 2013, MOCAtv received over 120 submissions from China to Brazil to South Africa to Australia Directed and produced by Ollystudio